Get to Work
A Visual Interpretation of the 39 Avot Melacha

The thirty-nine Avot Melacha (categories of labor) constitute a list of work-related prohibitions on Sabbath as they appear in the Halacha – Jewish Law.
This diverse list is a fascinating taxonomy of human activity – ranging from the world of agriculture to the artistry of textile.
For this exhibit, thirteen illustrators were asked to offer their free-range visual interpretation to these crafts and occupations.

The result is presented here – in the town square, where droves of people rush every day to get to work.

Elad Lifshitz, Bina Katz, Gal Shoham Schechter, Dganit Rodovsky, Tali Megidish, Yishai Greisman, Nadav (Machete) Yahel, Nilly Dvir, Ofer Winter, Amit Rimon, Shira Cohen, Shimon Engel, Tiferet Sigala

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