Kav 70 :: Lines of Jerusalem
Dividing Jerusalem, but in a good way.

Kav 70 (literally “Line 70”) is an ongoing study of form and space in Jerusalem.
The project divides Jerusalem into 70 equal-sized cells, and explores linear forms and space in each of those cells, comprising a new and conceptual map of the city – displaying Jerusalem in a way it has never been seen before.
Jewish tradition holds that Jerusalem has seventy names – all can be found in the words of ancient Jewish scripture and in the majestic teachings of the prophets.
As in many Jewish “lists” (613 Mitzvot in the torah, for example), there are many surprises to be found here – names that befit lovers, warriors, thinkers and everything in between.
A line can be a dividing element, as well as a connecting one. in Kav 70 we find lines in the mundane corners of Jerusalem – the Yerushalayim Shel Mata – those elements that are perhaps overlooked while we are falling for the city’s more obvious beauty as well as its evident plight.
Join us on this unconventional journey through Jerusalem as we walk the lines that connects – and divide – us all.